Welcome to #RRBC #Writers’ #Conference & #Book #Expo – #WCBE20!

Welcome to RRBC’s 5th Annual WRITERS’ CONFERENCE & BOOK EXPO!  

Each year we aim to draw out more and more from the member-authors of the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB, and this year is no different; we are stepping up our game even more.  The theme that we’ve chosen for this year’s WC&BE, challenges our members to strive to learn more, grow more and be better than they were the day before. 

In previous years, our conferences opened up so many windows of opportunities for our members, as they got the chance to meet and mingle with fellow members they had never met before, with many of them moving on to become close colleagues and friends down through the years.  Our books were introduced to a larger reading audience, our following of support grew tremendously, and our knowledge of the literary world and all that it takes to become better in this field, increased by leaps and bounds.  Now, almost a year later from our last conference, we’re preparing to do it all again, but, do it better and on a grander scale – even during the most challenging time of some of our lives.

Since our first WC&BE in 2016, each year’s theme grew, offering greater promise as we moved into the next year.  In 2017, the theme of our conference was, “WHEN YOU KNOW BETTER, YOU PRODUCE BETTER,” in 2018 it was “RISING TO STAND AMONG THE VERY BEST,” and in 2019, we boldly proclaimed that we were “REACHING HIGHER TO STAND AMONG THE STARS.”  Continuing along the same path of aspiring to grow and always be better, this year’s theme is even stronger:  “JUDGE ME NOT BY WHAT I WRITE OR THE WORDS I USE, BUT, BY THE SKILL WITH WHICH I WRITE THEM.”  

As you can see, this year’s theme is a bold challenge but its one we’re prepared to take on.  At RRBC/RWISA, we strongly believe that continuous learning and excellence in growth, go hand in hand.  Our conferences are designed to provide the necessary tools and connections for all writers to excel in the craft of writing, marketing, and publishing, if, all that is learned here is put to good use and in motion.  The growth in our members down through the years {exemplified mainly by their conscientious detail to every aspect of their writing}, is proof that our model is working.

The resources that will be offered and the knowledge that will be gained from this year’s conference, will serve as the catalyst to ensure that each person who attends, will be that much closer to their goal of either “aspiring writer” or “successful author.”

Whether it’s ever admitted out loud, we are acutely aware that our writing is being judged each time we hit publish on Amazon.  After this conference is over, we want you … NO, we beseech you to judge us – not by the topics we choose to write about, not by the words we use in our writing, but, by the way we write those words … the skill demonstrated in crafting a well-written and engaging piece.  Tell us if you think we need to work harder, but, by that same token, we’d greatly appreciate you letting us know that you feel we’ve grown in the craft of writing – in a good way!

Just as last year…

*Get inspired to write more, and more creatively

*Successfully market your work to actual readers
*Strengthen your writing skills, and even allow you to…
*Network with like-minded individuals who can aid you on your writing journey.

There will be Author Booths on-site for RRBC members to showcase, promote and sell their books, and also Vendor Booths offering amazing services.  If you’ve attended our conferences in the past, you will notice that this year, each author booth will house even more personal flair and design than last year.  No two booths will be alike, so I hope you’ll enjoy the extra-special touches!

No event of ours is ever complete without giveaways, so I must mention that our RAFFLE this year is returning, and made fully possible by our ever-generous (member) SPONSORS!  As always, we will be raffling gift card/gift baskets, and there will also be door prizes up for grabs in every Author & Vendor Booth;  all you’ll have to do to win door prizes is ensure that you’re leaving comments in every booth!

We know how competitive you all are, so our FACT OR FICTION **LIVE** game is returning this year, as well as our RRBC BOOK SCAVENGER HUNT!

All of this education, fellowship, and fun will be right here in ONE place … and the best part is, you get to enjoy it all from the comfort of your very own home, or wherever you have an internet connection!

This event will be held for one full week, August 10 through August 16 … with a few additional dates tacked on just so that our authors’ books get maximum attention.

If you are an author and have books releasing this year or have newly released books and you haven’t registered to participate yet, get your registration in now! This event is always the best venue to debut new books (or even your old ones), so you don’t ever want to miss out on the opportunity to have a booth here!  

Our WC&BE has been going strong since 2016 and it is always our most highly anticipated club event each year.  Even with all that’s going on in the world right now, we still believe that this year’s event will be successful, and that it will allow us the outlet to feel as if life is continuing on and that the pandemic of 2020 has not stripped us of everything we love.

We can’t wait to welcome you through the doors of the 2020 WC&BE in August, but until then, the only access you will have here in the (virtual) venue is to RAFFLE TICKETS, SPONSORSHIP and to REGISTER


All other areas of the venue will remain locked until midnight Central Time, August 10, 2020.

Best wishes, blessings, and we look forward to seeing you then!




***This event is open to the general public***





17 thoughts on “Welcome to #RRBC #Writers’ #Conference & #Book #Expo – #WCBE20!

  1. I am so excited about our theme this year! We never, ever stop growing or learning. The craft of writing is fluid and individual. I look forward to the sessions and to improving my writing skills during this amazing event!

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